The Rhino Calgary name is inspired by the strong stance Calgarians take for the lack of credible and authoritative stories. We believe in a powerful focus and a creative energy that does not need to make random loud noises to stand out or to get attention such as other click-bait based mainstream blogs.

In hommage to this majestic animal and it's possible extinction due to lack of support. We offer passionate local influencers who stand strong on their own, the opportunity to accomplish incredible things when united for a common goal.


Rhino Calgary is a local news and event community for the social media generation in a mobile age. Featuring stories of local struggles and achievements that are shaping Calgary and challenge the status quo. We empower the voices of local creators who bring you content that influences Calgarians to proudly share it where it matters.

We also help you get local exposure with premium content creation and a social media distribution strategy through our influencial relationships at an affordable rate.

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