5 Calgary Bars and Clubs Open on Sunday Night

Don't stop the party!


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If you're thinking about getting a little wild this Sunday night, you might be feeling like you're the only one. But don't worry, there's never a night of the week when no one in Calgary is down to party. Get out there and see what's happening with the Sunday crowd! Here are 5 bars and clubs that are open and offer drink specials on Sunday nights!

King's Head Pub- 9116 Macleod Tr SE #15

This is kind of a weird one. King's Head offers $7.50 doubles of Smirnoff flavoured vodka. Maybe you could find your new favourite flavour?

Broken City- 613 11 Ave SW

$4.50 domestic bottles of beer at Broken City on Sundays! Pick a domestic, any domestic!

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The Cat 'n' Fiddle Pub- 540- 16 Ave NW

The Cat 'n' Fiddle Pub has all day happy hour on Sundays! You really can't beat a deal like that. 

Point & Feather Neighbourhood Pub- 2515- 90 Ave SW #187

Point & Feather has $4.25 caesars on Sunday nights! I think caesars are a perfect drink to have on sale, because they have a strong taste so you can't have too many—it's like you're saving money on all fronts.

Cred: PointandFeather

Regal Beagle- 410- 14 St NW

If you've ever ordered a long island iced tea at a bar, then you know they're usually expensive as hell. Regal Beagle has them for $7.95 until 8pm every Sunday!


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