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Well, first off some congratulations are in order. You were chosen as best man! This is your chance to show your main bro just how much you care. You might be feeling the heat as the calendar counts down, but don't sweat it. You'll do great. Check out these four sweet Calgary stag party ideas.

VOXBOX Studios- 4114 Macleod Trail

Who hasn't fantasized about driving the clubs crazy, spinning some world class beats? If the groom is a party guy with a passion for music, he'll love this. VOXBOX offers an intro to DJing workshop, so he'll be learning hands on all day long. Make sure he's got good taste, 'cause you might be creating a monster...a DJing monster!

Bumper Ball Bubble Soccer- Various Locations

Bear with me. If you google image search "bubble soccer" you're going to see some nutty stuff. But suiting up in huge bubbles and playing a match of soccer—or trying to, at least—with your closest friends? Can't really beat that. Hilarity is sure to ensue, and you can even rent the bubbles to play a match in someone's yard!

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Big Sky Skydiving Calgary- Innisfail Airport - Big Bend Airport

Are you looking to give the groom a REALLY wild time? How about jumping out of a plane from 14,500 feet in the sky? Too much? I think he can handle it. Schedule an afternoon at Skydiving Calgary. It's just one jump, but believe me, that'll be all he needs.

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The Hifi Club- 219- 10th Avenue SW

Okay so now let's get to the drinking and the dancing. You've had your day, full of super fun activities with the boys. Now I bet you're all getting a little thirsty, and the Hifi Club has just what you need. Drinking, dancing, and serious bro time. 

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