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3 Calgary Late Night Happy Hours


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Sometimes my days run a little long, especially juggling school and work. The FOMO is real when all my friends are sitting and sipping at happy hour, while I’m still crossing tasks off my to-do list. Recently, the FOMO feels a little less heartbreaking because a new trend is starting: late night happy hour. I can get on board for this.

Excited about the opportunity to join in after a long day, and eager to jump on the money-saving trend, I checked out a few of these happier hours— and for you guys, of course. In the name of research.

Who doesn’t like getting their drink on and saving a little bit of money? Some of their happier hours are so cheap that they easily replaced at-home pre-drinks for my friends.

Cleaver 524 17 Ave SW #102
I like to indulge in Cleaver’s busy atmosphere and Irish inspirations after 9pm Sunday through Thursday each week. Their happier hour includes $5 cocktails, beer, and wine. Cocktails are Cleaver’s specialty, which is clear from the huge selection (and they’re strong). Feeling hungry? Try the $3 sliders.
Pro tip: arrive early. Sometimes it’s hard to score one of Cleaver’s fifty seats.

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Earls.67 315 8 Ave SW
Reserve a table at Earls 67 if you want to up your pre-drink game. This Earls location has been recently renovated to reflect its role as an “Earls prototype” including healthier food options, and great daily deals. Their happier hour restarts at 9pm daily featuring food and drink deals from $2.75. Expect $2.75 highballs, and half priced carafes of wine.
And yes—I said daily. Join the Earls.67 happier hour every day of the week.

Double Zero Downtown 751 4 St SW #100
If you’ve visited either Double Zero location from 3 to 6pm on a weekday, you probably love their happy hour. All their draught and bottled beers, plus prosecco and house red or white are $5. Recently, Double Zero Downtown extended their happy hour to include Double Zero After Dark on Saturdays. Grab a table in the cozy basement for DJ tunes and cheap—but delicious—drinks.


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