3 Amazing Cafes to Check Out around Kensington Road

Tons of great coffee in this area!


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The Kensington area has tons of great coffee, so if you’re looking for a place to pick your next cup of joe, it can be tough to pick. There are various factors that make a coffee shop great: good service, skilled baristas, good atmosphere, strong wifi, and quality beans. Here are some of the best coffee shops around Kensington in Calgary.

Higher Ground - 1126 Kensington Road NW
Higher Ground has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, so you’ll feel right at home whether you’re studying, on a date, or just hanging out and having a caffeinated drink. Also, they’ve got some delicious lunch items if you’re hungry too.

Kienna Cafe - 1117A Kensington Road NW
A fairly new addition to the area, Kienna is a local roaster that seem to have an expert touch with their coffee, as it is always delicious. In addition to that, they have coffee making gear for sale, if you’d like to pick some up.

Roasterie - 314 10 Street NW
Roasterie is a laid back spot to hang out, and even though it is very small, there always seems to be some room. The staff are friendly too, and they really know their coffee. 


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