3 of the Most Delicious Poutines in Calgary

You don’t need to book a flight to Quebec


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People have this weird kind of reverence about poutine. Like somehow if fries and gravy and cheese curds weren’t produced and made and served in Quebec they are automatically worse somehow. It doesn’t really make sense. Here are three spots in Calgary that are serving up poutine that, while less traditional, probably tastes as delicious as anything Quebec has to offer. 

Laurier Lounge - 1111- 7 Street SW

This is a cute little place that generally knows its cheese, as they specialize in fondue. Their poutine is delicious though; double blanched fries, Quebec cheese curds, and served with chives. Plus you can have a nice glass of wine with your poutine, which feels pretty weird. 

Charcut Roast House - 899 Centre Street SW

Charcut is right in the heart of downtown and they’ve got a pretty upscale version of poutine going on. It is made with duck fat and truffle gravy that is to die for, if you’re in the mood for poutine but also want something that tastes a little experimental. 

Cred: Charcut

Naina’s Kitchen - 121- 17th Avenue SE

If you’re stopping in at Naina’s for one of their award-winning burgers, try to fit in some room for a poutine too, because their stuff is some of the best. The gravy is well seasoned, with a peppery flavour. They’ve also got a dill pickle poutine with pickle gravy, which sounds weird as hell but tastes delicious.

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