Calgary’s Inner-city Hikes

Escape city life…without actually leaving.


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I’m outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios.

Just kidding…kind of.

For real though, Alberta is the best place for outdoorsy types to escape city life. However, not all of us living in Calgary can swing multiple trips to the Rocky Mountains each week. Sometimes work and other commitments get in the way of a great hike.

Fortunately, Calgary is home to some pretty awesome park spaces. That means I can squeeze in some outdoor exercise any day of the week—especially now that the days are getting longer and warmer.

Fish Creek Provincial Park South Calgary
Fish Creek is Calgary’s massive inner-city Provincial Park. With multiple entrances scattered across the southern half of the city, Fish Creek’s paved and unpaved trails offer forested, grassland, and riverside views. This park is so pretty I promise you will forget that you are still in Calgary.

Bowmont Park 85 Street and 48 Avenue NW
Head to the northern edge of the Bow River in Calgary’s northwest to explore Bowmont Park. Bowmont’s name comes from its neighbouring boroughs of Bowness and Montgomery. These two areas were separate towns until the 1960s. Bowmont Park was created to protect the balsam popular forest and grassland of the area.

Edworthy Park 5050 Spruce Drive SW
Hike along the Bow River at Edworthy Park. This park is known for the Douglas Fir Trail (currently off-limits for repairs) and the Lawrey Gardens. The Lawrey Gardens is a designated off-leash area for those of us with pups who like to run free.

Weaselhead Flats 66 Avenue and 37 Street SW
Escape the city—or at least feel like you have at the Weaselhead Flats. This southwest park is located on the western side of the Glenmore Reservoir. Head here for scenic paths and hiking trails, and wildlife spotting.

Glenmore Reservoir South Calgary
The paved 30-kilometer path that circles the Glenmore Reservoir is accessible from a variety of places—each point offers slightly different terrain and views, but the whole route is beautiful. Picnic areas equipped with fire pits and BBQ stands are available at both North and South Glenmore Park.


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