When Will The Cat Cafe Trend Die?

Calgary’s first cat cafe is set to open later this year


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Slowly across Canada, from city to city, cat cafes keep opening and local residents keep going insane. At this point, to my knowledge, there are currently three cat cafes open in Montreal, and they will probably keep opening more and more of them because everyone loves a cute novelty, and the combination of pets and caffeine seems like a no-brainer.

Cat cafes are great in a lot of ways. Some people really love cats but can’t own their own and don’t have friends with cats, so a cat cafe is a great way for them to interact with cats and feel happy. Also, usually you can adopt the cats from a cat cafe, which is great. At Calgary’s new cat cafe, there will be a section for people who are allergic to cats to just look at them, which is considerate. 

But are we really so easily impressed? It feels tiring, how excited people keep getting about the idea of cats in cafes on social media. Of all the things you could be doing in a bustling metropolis, why is sitting in a chair looking at random cats at the top of the list? And do people really need more distractions in 2017? Maybe the cure for cat cafe fever is for people to sit in a cat cafe for a few minutes and feel how overrated the whole experience is. 


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